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New Original Concept

iLove Free Stay is an exclusive private club by invitation only.

As a member you can stay FREE with other members for short period of time while travelling.

Imagine to hope around the World and not to worry about accommodation cost. Wow, what a savings. Check for yourself what’s the hotel cost for 3 nights in Costa Rica, Prague, London, Paris etc. Then multiple that by how many times you will travel per year.

That’s your saving when you join iLove Free Stay private club.

Simple and easy system that facilitates places to stay for free all over the world while traveling . . . . .  

Discover How it Works

The membership is only by invitation.
Check how can you join us . . . . .  


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About us

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So many places, so little time - Least at iLove Free Stay you don’t pay for accommodations. Go!

Travel and stay FREE all over the world with people like you  . . . . .


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